Search Engine Optimization


There are many SEO Consultants in the market, but only the best can deliver results. Businesses are constantly frustrated with consultants that can only perform on exact company name searches or get dozens of web pages on page five. It becomes a complete waste of time, money, and opportunity.

Spark Solutions’ SEO Guru Bernie Grohsman has been a Top SEO performer for some of the most competitive terms on the Internet for over twelve years. He’s led the company to help clients rank first in all relevant search terms and consistently beaten many of the top optimizers on the industry.

If you want to generate a significant flow of inbound customers through SEO, Spark Solutions can get you on the front page.




Gamification is the craft of taking the fun and motivation elements from a game and implementing them into real-world projects. Games have the unique ability to motivate people to do otherwise boring tasks and retain them consistently in the process.

Most gamification consultants don’t have along experiences in the industry but simply slap on the latest buzzword as their new expertise. These consultants constantly resort to points, badges, and leaderboards without being able to deliver true ROI for their clients.

Spark Solution’s Gamification Guru Yu-Kai Chou was one of the earliest pioneers in gamification. Starting from 2003, Yu-Kai has implemented numerous gamification projects and was rated a Top 20 Gamification Guru in the industry. He is the creator of the Complete Gamification Framework “Octalysis,” and has been a regular speaker/lecturer at Stanford University and Google Inc. He is also an Advisor for a variety of gaming, education, professional and entertainment companies.

If you need to engage your customers further through product or marketing gamification, Spark Solutions is where you will find your Epic Win State.


Content Marketing


In today’s world, content is king. Good content is what appeals to various search engines as well as engaging potential customers towards your value proposition.

Excellent writers are very rare, especially ones that can help your company build thought leadership, establish a strong social media brand, get respect from search engines, and increase your conversion rates.

Spark Solutions has in-house ghost writers that are picked among the top ten percentiles of professional writers, including writers for Forbes, the Business Insider, and Huffington Post. We then have a vigorous editing process that ensures the final product is crafted to perfection.

Spark Solutions has a proven track record of creating top-tier content that delivers results for clients.


Digital Design


If content is King, design is Queen. Like a high-end car matched with an elegant Swiss watch, great design can convey a sense of premium professionalism that builds trust among customers.

Our lead designer Ashwin Anandani understands what brands need to do and look like in order to win customer trust. He’s designed revolutionary web and application interfaces for many large brands, helped startups establish who they are and how they market, and has a knack for molding products into their most usable form.

From the web to identity to application interfaces, the Spark Solutions design team stays ahead of the trend and understands what’s beautiful for users and for business.